Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical ProductsOne of our core strengths at Laleham lies in pharmaceutical product contract manufacturing and contract filling.

We have our own purpose-built manufacturing facilities designed specifically for the contract manufacture of a wide range of liquid pharmaceutical products. Our individually designed suites avoid the risk of contamination during manufacturing and have the functionality to offer batch sizes ranging from 200ltr to 7,500ltr.

The range of our manufacturing capability includes liquids, suspensions, gels, creams, lotions, ointments and viscous creams.

The addition of our contract filling expertise allows us to present a number of options for our partner clients. Our filling machines range from single to multi head volumetric fillers. These are capable of handling warm or hot fill.

Our lines have capping machines, which can handle a variety of caps, from screw caps to pumps and push-ons. These are supplemented by advanced labelling machines, which offer a range of labelling options.

At Laleham we can also offer in-line bottle blowers, tamper-evident sleeving machines as well as trayed or trayless shrink-wrapping facilities.

All pharmaceutical products are filled or manufactured to the highest standards.