Case Studies

We thrive on providing solutions for our clients and we do our best work in partnership to create outstanding products that align with your brand values.

Complex Product Challenges

Often it is during scale up or manufacture of a customer developed formula that inherent issues can come to light. On one such occasion, clarity of a prestige product bulk was affected by a complex inclusion. Laleham worked in partnership with our customer to reformulate a repeatable solution for a product with the desired clarity whilst maintaining its innovative proposition.

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Investing Together

Rapid and unprecedented growth in the Chinese market and travel retail for skincare, with double digit growth, can put great strain on customer’s internal manufacturing facilities. Even after considerable capital investment, growth in demand can often outpace internal supply availability. Our customers need strategic partnership to overcome these challenges.

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Natural Product Range Industrialisation

We are often approached by growing entrepreneurial brands to support their growth in their initial years. Its a nice challenge to face when demand exceeds expectation as a result of social media activity around new or established products. This can put significant strain right through the supply chain - from raw materials, packaging and of course finished product production and stocks.

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Proactive Eco Partnerships

Following a proactive trends development session illustrating the evolution of consumer purchase drivers, one of our customers decided to pursue a major change of components for their entire product range, such that each had something genuinely ‘eco’ that they could promote. The challenge was - we had less than 12 months to develop and fully implement! We worked together to develop HDPE bottles and PE tubes, both with ‘bio’ derived PE. ‘Ocean plastic’ versions of some PP bottles were also established. All printed cartons migrated to sustainably sourced carton board and plastic and shrink wrap shippers were replaced with corrugate cardboard outers with recycled material.

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