Gender Pay Gap Reporting - Background

Under legislation, UK employers with more than 250 employees are required to publish key metrics on their gender pay gap. Laleham are pleased to comply with these new regulations and are committed to equal opportunities in employment. The gender pay gap measures the average pay difference between men and women in a company. It should not be confused with equal pay, which instead looks at the pay difference between men and women who occupy similar jobs or work of equal value. We are confident that men and women at Laleham are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across our business. However, we have a fairly diverse workforce, with a 56:44 split between males and females, with a higher representation of females in the lower paid jobs, particularly as production line operators. The impact of this demographic effect contributes to the pay and bonus gap outlined below.

What impacts the gender pay and bonus gap at Laleham?

The demographic of our workforce is the key factor in shaping our gender pay gaps.  The key driving factors are: 

  • Fewer women in the senior management / leadership roles in the organisation. 
  • A relatively higher representation of women than men in lower paid production operative roles.
  • The management bonus plans are structured as a % of salary, therefore as more men are in higher-paid management roles the mean bonus gap is greater.
  • There were a minimal number of management bonuses paid in the period

Laleham’s gender pay gap 2021



Mean pay (per hour)


Median pay (per hour)



Number of Males and Females in each pay quartile




Band A (lowest)


Band B



Band C



Band D (highest)







Mean bonus


Median bonus






Proportion that received bonus



Continued monitoring

We recognise the importance of promoting a diverse work place that creates opportunities for our employees to progress. While it is inevitable that there will be a gap (either in favour of men or in favour of women), this data will be helpful to us in:

  • Addressing any levels of gender inequality in our workplace.
  • Understanding the balance of males and females at different levels and functions.
  • Identifying appropriate actions to promote diversity.

 We are committed to ongoing analysis and monitoring of pay and to ensuing we can offer diverse and suitable opportunities for our people. 

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